Whats in my changing bag – 17 month old

I have been wanting to do a ‘whats in my changing bag’ post for a long time.  I absolutely love watching them on Youtube and to be honest have found it really useful hearing other people tips on what to pack to keep my very busy toddler occupied.

After struggling for a long time and trying at least 3 changing bags (one that I absolutely loved but had to return because of quality issues) and two large handbags to fit everything in, I finally feel like I have found THE ONE!

Before I delve into what I have in my changing bag, let me introduce you to my very beautiful JJ Cole Satchel in Cafe.


I spent a huge amount of time searching for this changing bag and being totally determined not to waste anymore money I created a list of things I must have.

These include:

Pockets – I absolutely can not cope with the chaos that a large handbag created for me.  Others may be able to but I like easy access to everything and can’t stand having to spend ages searching for keys or the toy car that Little P wants right now.  The JJ Cole Satchel has plenty of these – 4 roomy pockets on the inside, and 8 good size pockets on the outside, I now have a place for everything!

Functionality – Not only do the amount of pockets make this bag highly practical – it also comes with a changing pad, shoulder and stroller straps.  I didn’t realise how much I needed stroller straps until I had them.  They are so useful making my bag the perfect hight to grab what I need quickly.  It stopped my bag dragging on the wheels or hanging over to one side of the pram!

Size – As you will see I like to carry a lot of stuff ‘just in case’ so size really did matter.  The JJ Cole Satchel is spacious enough without looking like a big bulky travel bag.

Look – I really like my changing bag to look like a handbag and the JJ Cole Satchel absolutely meets this criteria. As well as the gorgeous exterior the inside is an adorable shade of blue.

Quality – I really haven’t had the bag long enough to comment for myself, however after watching reviews on Youtube people seem to be very happy.  It certainly feels and looks good quality on arrival.

Price – I totally understand everyones budget differs but I personally thought the price very reasonable.  I found mine on Amazon for about £37.00 but I know that It is also available through Tesco for what I also found to be quite reasonable for the design, quality and functionality of the bag.  I didn’t really want to be spending a fortune after the amount of bags I already had!

Now onto what I hold in this oh so beautiful bag…..

Interior Pocket 1


Here we have the nappies, wipes, Sudocrem and a changing mat, this isn’t the changing mat that it is included I ordered this separately of Amazon as I like how compact it is.  I would also like to quickly mention the wipes we use, how cute is the packaging! I love these Tesco wipes, they have worked really well for Little P and seem to frequently be on offer which is always a bonus! All but the Sudocrem fit nicely into this interior pocket.

Interior Pocket 2


In the next interior pocket I have my Milton Wipes, handy for wiping down restaurant high chairs, tables etc, Milton hand sanitiser, kleenex tissues for those little runny noses, Neal’s Yard Wild Rose hand cream and a small brush for Little P’s hair.  The Sudocrem also goes on this pocket so I’m not entirely sure why it was in the other picture and not this one!

Interior Pocket 3


This picture really does show quite how much can be put into just one of these interior pockets, firstly I have a cute little bag that holds sachets of Calpol, a medicine spoon incase Little P gets a temperature and his teething granules (we use Nelsons Teetha and they have worked a treat!). The bag I keep these in is actually a re-useable snack bag I found on Amazon as I wanted to keep these items contained. It is such a sweet design by a company that I think is called ‘Itzy Ritzy’ ‘Snack Happened’. It states on the packaging that it is food safe and ideal for sandwiches, fruit snacks, baby items, electronics, mini first aid kits, etc and can be machine washed cold.  I am really impressed with this little item so think I will be ordering more! I also have in here soother wipes that can be used for toys, bottles and cups, a small travel first aid kit and some Savlon.  The final two items may seem a little excessive but I got the idea from a Youtube video and as summer is coming up and we are planning lots of days out I don’t think it can do any harm to have a few extras like these packed.

Interior Pocket 4


The last interior pocket just holds this at the moment.  My very pretty Emma Bridgewater 2015 diary.  Absolutely essential to keep track of all the play dates, play groups and days out we have planned!

Centre Compartment 


in the very centre of the bag I keep a spare set of clothes for Little P, a few toys, an umbrella and my purse. As you can see there is still more than enough space to add a few extras if needed.

Exterior pockets

There are so many pockets on this bag that I still haven’t filled them all!

Front Pockets

The the front of the bag has 4 pockets in total, two very spacious ones and two smaller pockets with zips.


In one of the more spacious ones I keep Little P’s snacks so they are easy to access, the other is yet to be filled.


In the front zipped pockets I keep my ‘mommy items’ these include my phone and a few essentials such as lip balm, lipsticks and a bobble.  The lipsticks I have are Blankety by MAC (for me is the perfect nude) and Midnight Plum number 338 by Maybelline, this is a beautiful berry colour and what I wore a lot throughout the winter.  It really builds nicely and doesn’t apply as deep as the colour looks which I quite like.  I absolutely love the Nivea lip butters and it really does seem to be one of the only balms that doesn’t dry my lips.

Rear Pockets


In the two rear pockets I keep a couple of items to occupy Little P.  In the one pocket we have two books that he is currently loving. The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Mad about Dinosaurs, Little P loves dinosaurs and gets so excited when he sees pictures of them. In the other pocket we keep some crayons and a little notepad for when we are out and about at restaurants these are always very useful to keep an excitable toddler occupied.

Side Pockets

Finally we have the two side pockets.


In one of these we keep Little P’s water beaker.  We were really struggling to find a beaker that he liked to drink from and this one from Nuby has totally changed how he drinks, I no longer have to keep reminding him to drink, he absolutely loves carrying it around which is just fantastic so I would very much recommend.  I don’t currently have anything in the other pocket but in the summer I am planning to use this for sunglasses and sun block.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post.  I know that I absolutely love reading and watching these so if you have any ideas or tips please feel free to share.

*Quick addition, this is not sponsored, all items were purchased by us except the bag itself which was a wonderful birthday present (chosen by me) from my very lovely mom and dad.

How to handle a toddler……….

I am totally new to this whole toddler thing, Little P was 1 in October and up until then and for a couple of months after he continued to be my lovely sweet well behaved little man. However since Christmas has passed he has turned in to a toddler that likes to throw the occasional tantrum! Don’t get me wrong, he is actually a very good, sweet natured little man but sometimes when things don’t go his way……

Well in this few weeks I have fast learned how to handle this and of course every day is a lesson. Although I am in no way an expert I thought I would share with you the things that have worked for Little P to help calm his temper and calm mommy’s nerves!

Stay calm

I am a firm believer in the theory that calm breeds calm and anger breeds anger, yes I am fully aware how hard it is to not get worked up when you have a screaming little one in the middle of a public place but this has really worked for us. When Little P has tantrums I found the best way to handle the situation was to talk to him in very calm manner and explain why he can’t to certain things . Little P has responded really well to this calm approach and 90% of the time he goes off and plays with his toys and we can carry on with our day.

Plan, plan, plan 

Now Little P has reached this stage, planning for the next day has become even more important. I scour Pinterest for ideas of things that will not only keep him occupied but will also teach him lessons. Baby groups and coffee mornings with other mammas have become a lifeline as not only do they tire Little P out but they have built his confidence and are teaching him how to interact with other toddlers. What ever I do I make sure I sit down at the start of the week and have a plan.

Nap time = golden time 

This is something that we have done from very early on, and although this doesn’t work for some, for us a strict nap schedule works a treat. If Little P misses his nap time the whole world will know about it. For us this means that if people want to visit we try and schedule it around when he will be sleeping. Of course this doesn’t always go to plan and things happen but in general not only does it make for a better day it also makes for a much better nights sleep.

I hope this helps you in some way, as I mentioned before, I am absolutely not an expert, however I know I am always scouring blogs for other mammas advice on how to handle different situations so thought I would share what works for our family.
Mrs P xxxx

New Year New Start?!

Firstly I would like to start by saying only a few short years ago I would be rather excited to have an overly expensive drink in an incredibly crowded bar with my hubby to be, now I am more than happy to say our New Years Eve will be spent on the sofa with little P safely tucked up in bed while we say cheers with a cheeky glass of Prosecco.

I approach New Years Eve with a sense of trepidation, the air is filled with the promise of change and new beginnings yet many people, including me often role their eyes at hearing the promise of people turning over a new leaf, eating less, saving more, the list goes on.  At the same time I have to admit that I actually get quite excited at the prospect of a new beginning each year and have a tendency to make these promises myself……..  this year I have narrowed my list down to only a few resolutions and I thought I would share my new years ‘optimism’ with you.
  1.  Loose weight……….  here it is – the resolution that I make each year. This year however I have decided to approach things from a different angle and rather than concentrating on my weight I am going to concentrate on healthy eating and my overall well being.  My little chap eats really healthy food and now it is time to roll that out to myself and Mr P and to start feeling good inside out!  I am considering sharing my journey through a series in my blog.
  2. Start a blog – well I guess I kind of have a head start on this.  I love watching vlogs and reading blogs, to be honest of an evening I’m a bit of an addict! Vlogging is just a stage to far for me, however starting a blog is something I have wanted to do for the past couple of years and after this year I thought lets just go for it.
  3. Get organised – I say this and I am actually quite organised anyway, however I am about to start a new part time job that I am extremely excited about and now I am going to be a working mamma I think its time to step it up a gear!
So thats it – those are my New Years resolutions for 2015, 2014 has been an amazing incredible year for us in so many ways but with out a doubt it has also been the most difficult so far.  So with a feeling of gratitude in my heart I say farewell to 2014 and with that feeling of excitement I say hello to 2015.  Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year xxx


Welcome to my blog!  I’m Mrs P, stay at home mom to 4 year old little P and married to Mr P.   I am currently training to be an NLP practitioner along with studying CBT and behavioural analysis to help people improve their lives.

Before I became a stay at home mom I worked in business development and marketing and needing an outlet I decided to put my skills to use and start MrsPLoves.

On my site you will find ramblings about my journey as a mom of one, book reviews, budgeting advice, fun teaching ideas that work for my 4 year old as well as discussions about my passions including mental health and how to life a positive life. There may well be the odd shopping haul along with a few reviews here and there thrown in to the mix!

I hope you enjoy!

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