How I lost 5 stone in weight

When I got on the scales I couldn’t believe it, 1-2 lb at a time, week by week it had come off and I’d done it! 5 Stone weight loss! I cried, I actually cried at what I had achieved. Food has always been an issue for me, from a young age it has been … Continue reading How I lost 5 stone in weight

My Autumn to dos!

Finally, autumn, my favourite season is here. Despite my love for Spring and Summer, there is no other seasons arrival that I welcome with such excitement.  The turning of the leaves and the slight feeling of a chill in the air brings with it cosy oversized jumpers, fluffy socks, big boots and the promise of … Continue reading My Autumn to dos!

New Year New Start?

Firstly I would like to start by saying only a few short years ago I would be rather excited to have an overly expensive drink in an incredibly crowded bar with my hubby to be, now I am more than happy to say our New Years Eve will be spent on the sofa with little … Continue reading New Year New Start?