How much do you actually want it?

Budgeting Basics –  Part 4

How much do you actually want it?

In continuing from part 3 of our budgeting series where we briefly discussed mind set – I wanted to discuss motivation, and the impact this can have in gaining control of your finances in a little more detail. Simply put, how much do you actually want it?

When my husband and I really decided to take control of our finances we noticed for the first 6 months of this not a huge amount was happening.  We would have brief chats about budget, put money into our emergency fund, take it back out, spend money on smaller trips to the supermarket, cups of coffee here and treating ourselves a little too much.

Looking back its silly really, we couldn’t work out where the money was going and why our savings ‘strategy’ wasn’t really paying off.  We would tell ourselves how ‘hard’ we had worked at ‘trying’ to save that week.  In all honesty it really was just a huge amount of hot air and looking back now all I see is excuses excuses excuses.

The problem?  We didn’t want it enough. If you want anything in life enough you have to work at it.  Quite simply, whatever you put in, you will get out. Half effort will equal half the savings you can make, not much effort not much saving. The crazy thing is we really did believe we were doing a good job! One weekend, we just hit a plateau, we had a good  amount of money coming in and we quite literally couldn’t work out how at the end of the month we were all spent out. So we stopped, stopped kidding ourselves, stopped with the rubbish excuses and we made a change.

We lay it all out, every income, every out going every single tiny expenditure – and there it was, the drain hole where a lot our disposable income was going ‘magically’ appeared, the 3-4 times visit to our local shop for absolutely nothing but random bits was costing us about £350-400 a month.  Absolute insanity, how could we not see this?

Finally, we could see where we could save, how we could save for our emergency fund, how we could move our money round, how we could make a change.  This spurred us on even further to make other savings and trim the excess of other unnecessary expenditures and our savings journey began.

The thing is, so many people (ourselves were included in this!) talk about how much they want to change.  They talk about what they intend to do, how they intend to do it, they even fool ourselves (as we did) into believing that they are actually doing something about it.  You see, we say we want to make change, but when it comes to it really we don’t, we don’t want to have to sacrifice short term in order to reach that long term goal.

People like their morning coffee, they like their weekly drink at the local pub or bar, they like being able to pop to the shops but will then complain about the results these actions give them. Your actions equal your results, not much action, not a great result. Talking and intentions are great, its great you want to make a change, but these words really don’t amount to much without actual action.  Take action today, no more excuses.  Make today the day you sit down and make a difference to your whole life.  Save for that deposit on the house, save for your holiday, make sacrifices, make changes.  Keep that end goal in the front of your mind!

How much do actually want it?

I really hope you found my post helpful!  If you have any tips or stories to share, I’d love you to in the comments below.

Mrs P xxxx