5 tips to deal with anxiety setbacks

Today was the first day in a few months that I had felt quite anxious and it really got me thinking about how I deal with anxiety setbacks in comparison to a few months ago.   6-8 months back not only would I be dealing with the bubbling up of anxiety that I’d worked so hard to deal with, I’d also be dealing with huge feelings of anger with frustration sprinkled on top.

I’ve come so far, worked so hard, why was I feeling like this? How could this happen?  Why on earth can’t you get a hold of yourself!? So I thought it was high time to  comprise a list of what’s really helped me deal with anxiety setbacks and make each time that little bit easier to handle .

  1. Accept the way you are feeling – anxiety setbacks are normal and you are feeling it for a reason.  Anyone who I have spoken to usually has triggers for anxiety and its often these that can be the cause of a slight setback.  In accepting the way you feel you take the power of anxiety away and that wave of emotion becomes much easier to ride.
  2. Don’t get angry at yourself, adding anger and frustration to anxiety is just like adding fuel to a fire, you will only inflame the emotion. It’s great that you feel passionate enough about your recovery that you feel a bit of frustration but letting this take over will only slow the process down.
  3. Take a step back. If you are feeling particularly anxious the best thing I have found is to just take some time on your own to breath, that could be going for a walk, popping on your favourite TV show, even just sitting on your bed for 5 minutes to regroup can help you centre yourself.
  4. Try to stay away from caffeine. This is a hard one for me, I LOVE coffee but I’ve really come to recognise the stimulating impact it has on my anxiety.  If I know I’m going into a situation that could make me feel slightly heightened or having a day where I feel like the anxiety is bubbling.  I personally find camomile tea really helps calm me down rather than my favourite coffee.
  5. Stop and look at how far you have come. You are amazing, overcoming anxiety can take a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication. Spend some time reflecting on what you have overcome.  I really believe small steps can make for a big journey, however far forward you have moved is just incredible.

I really hope you find these tips helpful, the journey through anxiety can be tough, but know that you truly are not alone.  Be proud, dig deep and know just how strong you really are.

Mrs P xxxx