To my former self…

So this is a bit of a strange post…. writing about anxiety and training to be an NLP practitioner has made me reflect on the past year and I decided today that I never really stopped to think just how far I have come on my anxiety journey.  Every individuals journey with mental health is different, and I guess because I never felt depressed or hopeless with my anxiety I feel guilty because my anxiety ‘wasn’t that bad’, I was able to function as normal, it didn’t stop any of my normal day to day activities, in comparison to how some people suffer I was doing great.  But as individuals we shouldn’t do this, we shouldn’t feel like our experience is less valid because someone else has been worse.  We should be proud of our achievements and we should be proud of each small step we take.

So here it is, me thanking me….

To my former self

There was no way at all that I believed that you would be the type of person to suffer with anxiety, you are the incredibly strong, positive go getter, a perfectionist in every single way. You worked hard, played hard and cared for people even harder.  But day by day things started to change, just ever so slightly, the fear of something bad happening started to creep in.  Not a soul would know, not a soul would realise the silent worries in that mind of yours.  You see that’s the crazy thing with anxiety, its happens so quietly, almost without detection, one day it’s a small concern, the next its something bigger, and bigger… and bigger.  But this is why I am SO incredibly proud of you.  That you never allowed yourself to become that anxiety, you never allowed it to stop you functioning and caring for people, you never allowed it to define who you are, in fact you have delved deeper than you ever thought possible.  You asked for help, you spoke to someone, you trained your mind to think positive, to be strong, to not believe everything it tells you is true and not only that, now you want to take that life changing experience and help other people get through what you did.

Give yourself some credit!

Yours truthfully xxx

Have you felt yourself do this before? Not give yourself enough credit for the things you have got through? I would love to hear your stories.

Mrs P xxxx