5 steps to resetting the mindset

During my period of anxiety the one thing I noticed was my apparent inability to think positively, from the moment I woke up to when I went to sleep my mind was full with a barrage of negative thoughts. One after the other. Through trial, error and extensive research I really believe that I have discovered effective ways of re-calibrating and re-setting the mindset so you can develop new habits for positive thinking. These were so effective in my recovery I wanted to share.

Here are my 5 tips to start you on your journey towards living a much more positive life.
  1. When you open your eyes in the morning, no matter how anxious you may feel, smile. The simple action of smiling can trick your brain to being on the right track for the day ahead. This really helped me at the very start of my journey, it didn’t seem like an overwhelming task to smile.  Day by day, the smile felt more real.
  2. Before you put your feet on the floor in the morning think of 5 things in your life that you are grateful for that can not be purchased. This process can change your thought process and set your day in a much more positive direction.
  3. Write down an affirmation or two for the feeling that you want to achieve and say it to yourself through out the day. This could be as simple as ‘I am strong’ – say it to yourself in the mirror when you first wake up, write it down on some paper and take it with you, look at it, say it, think it and feel it.  Do this everyday, for at the very least 28 days so it can enter your mind and become part of your belief system.
  4. Make sure you don’t let things define your whole day. Many of us are guilty of doing this, not just those that suffer with anxiety or depression.  We may look out the window see rain and think its going to be a miserable day, if we stub our toe on the bed first thing we may allow our self to think its going to be ‘one of those days’.  Put simply, I believe that if you think your day will be bad, then it will be.  If you re-frame that thought process with an ‘oh well’ rather than an ‘oh no’ and not allow it to dictate the rest of your day your mindset will be much more positive.
  5. Recognise how you are feeling.  Sometimes when we have a tendency towards anxiety these thoughts become habit.  Negativity actually becomes habit. Its impossible to check every thought we have, however if we take notice of the way that we are feeling we can address that and work towards replacing that negative feeling with a positive thought.  Put simply replace a negative with a positive, replace a negative with a positive, replace a negative with a positive.  Change the habit.

Do you have any tips for changing your mindset?  If so how has this helped you?

I truly hope you find these tips useful.  I believe that small steps can make for big results as they can quickly snowball into better and more positive habits.

Mrs P xxxx