Where has all my money gone?

Budgeting basics – Part 3

Where has all my money gone? Changing the mind set.

I recently entered a discussion online about how money seems to have a life of its own and quite literally fall through the cracks.  It really dawned on me how many of us have felt like this?  We get our wages paid into our account and before we know it we are half way through the month and the money seems to have just gone.  But where to? How can this happen and our hard earned money just disappear?

Quite simply put, the issue is mind set.  We go through life with the mentality that money can just disappear through the cracks, that we look and its all gone.  It simply isn’t true.  It isn’t alive, it isn’t a living breathing entity like ourselves, in fact, it is entirely within our power to tell our money exactly where we want it to go. That’s right! You can literally put your money where ever you want. So, (shock horror) this must mean it hasn’t just disappeared and we must have spent it.  Lets just pause and take that in for a minute…. it didn’t just disappear. The really exciting thing about this realisation is that its totally in your power to get that control back.

Start by making sure you save every single receipt you get when you go out and about, £4.00 here, £8.00 there a few times a week can soon add up to an additional £50-£60 a week of unaccounted expenditure! That’s over £200 a month and a staggering £2400 a year! A huge amount when you are either saving for a holiday, a deposit on a house or even working to pay off your debt. Please don’t underestimate the power of small steps, they really do make big changes and will totally alter the direction of your journey to becoming financially free.

Have you ever felt like money just falls through the cracks? Id love to hear your story, please feel free to share below.