How to handle a toddler………

I am totally new to this whole toddler thing, Little P was 1 in October and up until then and for a couple of months after he continued to be my lovely sweet well behaved little man.  However since Christmas has passed he has turned in to a raging toddler that likes to throw himself to the floor, throw tantrums, generally throw things about and has also taken to shaking his head vigorously whilst saying no.  If this is what a one year old can be like, I am dreading the terrible twos!  Don’t get me wrong, he is actually a very good, sweet natured little man but sometimes when things don’t go his way……

Well in this few weeks I have fast learned how to handle this and of course every day is a lesson.  Although I am in no way an expert I thought I would share with you the things that have worked for Little P to help calm his temper and calm mommy’s nerves!

Stay calm

I am a firm believer in the theory that calm breeds calm and anger breeds anger, yes I am fully aware how hard it is to not get worked up when you have a screaming little one in the middle of a public place and as Little P has turned into a little firecracker my theory has really been tested!  This has however really worked for us. My first encounter with Little P’s temper was when he tried to make a grab for our curtains, I of course stopped him and his response was to turn around, flail his hands in temper hitting and then throw himself to the floor.  Of course I was shocked that my sweet little baby would do this and stood there in shock for a split second whilst thinking what on earth do I do!  I found the best way to handle this situation was to talk to him in a firm but calm way that he must not pull the curtains or hit because hitting hurts.  Little P has responded really well to this calm approach, don’t get me wrong he still sulks a bit, but 90% of the time he goes off and plays with his toys and we can carry on with our day.

Plan, plan, plan 

Now Little P has reached this stage, planning for the next day has become even more important.  I scour Pinterest for ideas of things that will not only keep him occupied but will also teach him lessons.  Baby groups and coffee mornings with other mammas have become a lifeline as not only do they tire Little P out but they have built his confidence and are teaching him how to interact with other toddlers.  What ever I do I make sure I sit down at the start of the week and have a plan.

Nap time = golden time 

This is something that we have done from very early on, and although this doesn’t work for some, for us a strict nap schedule works a treat.  If Little P misses his nap time the whole world will know about it. For us this means that if people want to visit we try and schedule it around when he will be sleeping.  Of course this doesn’t always go to plan and things happen but in general not only does it make for a better day it also makes for a much better nights sleep.

I hope this helps you in some way, as I mentioned before, I am absolutely not an expert, however I know I am always scouring blogs for other mammas advice on how to handle different situations so thought I would share what works for our family.