New Year New Start?

Firstly I would like to start by saying only a few short years ago I would be rather excited to have an overly expensive drink in an incredibly crowded bar with my hubby to be, now I am more than happy to say our New Years Eve will be spent on the sofa with little P safely tucked up in bed while we say cheers with a cheeky glass of Prosecco.

I approach New Years Eve with a sense of trepidation, the air is filled with the promise of change and new beginnings yet many people, including me often role their eyes at hearing the promise of people turning over a new leaf, eating less, saving more, the list goes on.  At the same time I have to admit that I actually get quite excited at the prospect of a new beginning each year and have a tendency to make these promises myself……..  this year I have narrowed my list down to only a few resolutions and I thought I would share my new years ‘optimism’ with you.
  1.  Loose weight……….  here it is – the resolution that I make each year. This year however I have decided to approach things from a different angle and rather than concentrating on my weight I am going to concentrate on healthy eating and my overall well being.  My little chap eats really healthy food and now it is time to roll that out to myself and Mr P and to start feeling good inside out!  I am considering sharing my journey through a series in my blog.
  2. Start a blog – well I guess I kind of have a head start on this.  I love watching vlogs and reading blogs, to be honest of an evening I’m a bit of an addict! Vlogging is just a stage to far for me, however starting a blog is something I have wanted to do for the past couple of years and after this year I thought lets just go for it.
  3. Get organised – I say this and I am actually quite organised anyway, however I am about to start a new part time job that I am extremely excited about and now I am going to be a working mamma I think its time to step it up a gear!
So thats it – those are my New Years resolutions for 2015, 2014 has been an amazing incredible year for us in so many ways but with out a doubt it has also been the most difficult so far.  So with a feeling of gratitude in my heart I say farewell to 2014 and with that feeling of excitement I say hello to 2015.  Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year xxx