5 Nature Based books to Read with your Children

Now that Autumn (one of our favourite seasons!) is approaching I thought it would be appropriate to review a few of our absolute favourite nature books!

A first book of nature – Nicola Davies

We purchased this book for my little one because he is simply in love with all things outdoor, wildlife and nature and although I tend not to judge a book by its cover, the art work really did help sell it. This beautiful book is a lot thicker than I expected at just over 100 pages and is separated perfectly into seasons. Not only is the art work incredible throughout I think the writing is absolutely enchanting. Its one that you can keep for years and years to come.

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We love nothing more than to be outside in the fresh air learning and the I-spy series of books is quite literally the perfect accompaniment to that.  Small and light enough to pop in your bag or a little ones backpack they really are ideal to take on adventures to with you to engage your little one in all things outdoors and to help identify various trees, flowers and wildlife.

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DK Woodland and Forest

From a young child I remember being totally captivated by all books Dorling Kindersley and this book doesn’t disappoint, the pictures inside are wonderful and it really is informative and engaging.  From basic information such as where forests are found all the way through to forest myths this book really does cover a lot of ground.  My little boy frequently gets this book out when he wants to browse through pictures by himself and then comes to me to elaborate on the information a bit further.  Would totally recommend.

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DK Birds

In the same series as the above Woodland & Forest book, the Birds version does not disappoint.  Not only are the pictures wonderful, this book is filled with lots of information  from basics such as ‘what is a bird?’ all the way through to eggs, hatching and nests.

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Water Cycle – Awesome Facts to Share by Malcolm Rose & Sean Sims

My little one is fascinated by all things the water cycle, from how clouds are made, where tap water comes from and why does it rain, this book covers a broad spectrum.  Its written for Level 3 readers but its pictures are engaging enough and the book itself is informative enough to engage with a four year old.

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