No Fairies by Peter Stevenson


Mr P, Little P and I love to holiday in Wales, it really is one of our favourite things to do as a family, wondering round the beautiful seaside towns and driving through the breath taking countryside suits us just perfectly.  It would be rude of course not to have a mooch around the local shops and Waterstones is one that always tends to pull us in.  Especially myself and Little P!

We usually have to make our way straight to the back of the shop where the children’s books are and will usually say yes to Little P having a new book to take home with him (unless like the other day when he chose 6!).

On this occasion there were two in particular our fancy, I will feature the second one in another review because ‘No Fairies’ by Peter Stevenson really did just capture mine and Little P’s hearts and deserves a review of its very own.

Set on a small island off the coast of western Wales , No Fairies takes you on a wonderful journey with Heledd, a little girl who loves to hear stories and songs about fairies but just cant see them anywhere so off they go to look.  We love reading stories to Little P that we can talk about when we are off on a walk and this particularly appealed to us as we spent time looking through the brambles for fairies so it really did ignite the little ones imagination.

Not only was the story itself enchanting but the illustrations are nothing short of magical.   I feel really lucky with Little P that he generally enjoys a variety of books, but at the moment they pretty much centre around dinosaurs and monsters! This of course is perfectly fine however it was lovely to read a story that I knew I would have thoroughly enjoyed not only listening to as a child but illustrations that would have fully drawn me in.

I feel like I am going in pretty high with this for my first book review on the blog but this gets a huge 5 Stars from me.  Fantastic read and very much recommended.

No Fairies by Peter Stevenson

ISBN 978-1845273491

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