My Autumn to dos!


Finally, autumn, my favourite season is here. Despite my love for Spring and Summer, there is no other seasons arrival that I welcome with such excitement.  The turning of the leaves and the slight feeling of a chill in the air brings with it cosy oversized jumpers, fluffy socks, big boots and the promise of long walks over frosty ground. I just love it all.

The last couple of years have been a bit chaotic for us and now Little P is old enough to understand exactly what is going on, I intend to fill this season with plenty of festivities.

Here is my list of things that we are going to do this Autumn.

  • Take plenty of long walks – there is nothing in this world that I love to do more than go on walks with my family.  We are fortunate enough to live right on the edge of a forest so early Sunday mornings wrapped up warm with the husband, Little P and our pooch will be a must!
  • Collect leaves and do leaf art – Little P loves to paint draw and be creative so this year we are going to incorporate some of the new season into our makes!
  • Watch Hocus Pocus – literally one of my all time favourite films – the thought of cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate fills me with absolute joy.
  • Buy all of my seasonal fragrances – this is a bi-seasonal tradition that I have created – every Autumn and every spring I renew all of the fragrances in my house

My current favourites are  Yankee Candle – Vanilla Cupcake

Air Wick – mulled wine & cinnamon apple – I love the diffusers and the plug ins.

The smell of these when I walk into my house really does make me happy (It’s the little things!)

  • Visit a pumpkin patch – I really want to take Little P pumpkin picking this year to choose our own pumpkins to bring home and carve!
  • Get creative with the pumpkin carving – my husband and I have always been a little bit competitive on the pumpkin carving front but this year I feel the need to step it up a notch – I have been pinning in preparation!
  • Visit a maize maze – I have seen these a fair bit on US vlogs and it looks like so much fun, our local farm has one this year and I think it would be great to take little P.
  • Drink lots of yummy seasonal coffee – this might sound like a strange one but I absolutely love it when the new Costa Coffee menu is released, their salted caramel latte is my favourite.
  • Start preparing for Christmas earlier – yes I know I am talking about Christmas already, however being prepared and organised for the festive season ahead really does give me a huge sense of achievement. This means I am going to start crafting a bit earlier (I’m going to attempt a quilted stocking) and maybe even start writing cards in October/ November.

What are your plans this Autumn?  I am always on the look out for new exciting things to do with Little P or as a family. Please share below.

Mrs P xxxx


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